Hosting Infrastructure

Follow websites are hosted on servers housed in a secure facility in Louisville, KY with fingerprint access, backup power supplies, and diesel generators with access to a Tier 1 backbone for maximum throughput.

The facility and our servers are managed and monitored 24/7 by, Inc.  Our servers run Windows and we implement the strongest security features offered by that operating system.  Access is limited to developers and ASP Webhosting employees only, on a need-to-know basis for maintenance purposes only.  Website data is distributed across servers running SQL Server and a file server for large data objects.  Each database is mirrored to a separate physical server so that if there is a failure, the other server can take over immediately.  The file server's data is mirrored to Amazon's S3 cloud for protection as well.  All data is backed up daily and archival copies are kept on separate, dedicated server in a separate facility.  Our websites are serviced by a bank of identical virtual servers with another identical set kept in reserve for peak traffic times. As volume increases, additional live and reserve servers are added as needed. Traffic is fed to the web servers through primary and backup load balancing servers.  Email is hosted on and distributed by yet another independent server. We also have two servers for our API and, they both run on Linux.

Each of our clubs has access to their own data of course and you can control an individual’s access using the many security options provided by our software.

All forms that gather any kind of personal or monetary information are secured through our "Extended Validation" TLS certificate and 256-bit encryption.  Our privacy policy dictates that we will never share your data with anyone outside of your club’s management and that employees of and ASP Webhosting only have access on a need-to-know basis.

In addition, credit card information is used only for the life of transactions and shared only with your gateway provider through a secure TLS connection.  We never retain or store credit card information under any circumstances. Our credit card processing system is fully PCI compliant and certified by TrustWave.

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