Domain Setup


Your site's looking great. Now it's time to share it with your members. The steps below will help you get your site activated and online.

Step 1. Pay for your site.

You can pay by Credit Card or eCheck by going to Admin > Config > Billing Info. Once on this page, click Pay Now. (Note: late payment may result in locked accounts or site removal)

Step 2. Setup Your Domain.

If you have an existing domain (ex. that you have registered somewhere else, such as or, you'll need to make a couple of adjustments to that account.

Login to your domain account and update the "Name Servers" to:

Steps for domains.
Steps for Network Solutions domains.
Steps for domains.
Steps for domains.

**DO NOT FORWARD your domain under any circumstances as this will cause problems with secure pages, team selections and the online registration system.

Step 3. Tell Support.

Once your domain has been setup, it's time to tell support. Send a support ticket to one of our excellent support engineers with the following message:

Dear Support,

Our domain [enter your domain name here] is now configured with our new website. We have changed the name server settings to:

[Additional comments here]

[Your Name Here]

If you have additional services with another host such as email services (we also have email services!) or a blog, please let us know in the "Additional Comments" section. If you have email services, we will need to know the MX Records in order for them to continue to work properly. If you use Google Apps or GoDaddy email services, just let us know you use one of these services for email.

Step 4. Tell everyone about your site!

Please let us know if you have any questions, or how we can help with your site. Thank you for choosing!



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