US Lacrosse Membership - Group Registration Submission


Note: This method is only to be used for organizations that do not turn on the real-time validation for US Lacrosse membership, during online registration. The real-time validation is the recommended method.


To submit a batch registration file to US Lacrosse, you'll first need to setup a registration program and have all of your members register online. Once done, you can follow the steps below to submit data to US Lacrosse.

1. Login to your website and go to Admin > Members > Registration System.

2. In the middle of the page, on the right, you'll find a US Lacrosse button. Click this and select the "Export" option.

3. This will download all of the data you have collected during online registration in the required US Lacrosse format. Save this file to your computer.

4. Send the file to: with Group name and Group ID in the subject line, as well as your personal contact information.

Submit one payment for all players and coaches with credit card called into 410-235-6882, ext. # 102, or with a check mailed to:

US Lacrosse
Group Membership
113 W. University Parkway
Baltimore, MD 21210.


For more information about group registration, view US Lacrosse's help information here.


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