Issue a refund for credit card payments


If you are accepting credit cards for online registration, chances are you will need to process a refund at least once. To do this, you will need to access your payment gateway associated with your merchant account.

1. Go to Admin > Configuration > Merchant Accounts.

2. Under each different account type you will find the link to your merchant account's terminal login page. *Note: Nimbus/Dwolla refunds can only be made by cash/check.

3. Click the appropriate link to log in to your merchant account and use their tools to process the refund to someone's credit card.

Tip: Merchant accounts charge you fees each time to accept and send money. You might consider refunding a member with cash to avoid the fees associated with the refund.

4. Once you have processed the refund, you'll want to update this registration in your LA website to show that a payment was made to this person.

To do this, go to Admin > Members > Registration System … and click "List" for the appropriate program. 

5. Update a member's record by clicking the green "+$" icon and adding a negative payment to their account. This will show money was paid to them.


6. After you have updated the payment, you can delete the registration by choosing "unregister" in the yellow dropdown left of their name, or you can leave the registration in the program as unpaid.




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