Assign Players to Rosters


Once a player has been registered and they exist in your database, you can assign them to rosters.

1. Login to the site and go to Admin > Teams > Assign Rosters.

2. From here, use the filter options to select the team you want to roster people to and which registration program you would like to select them from, and click Continue.

3. On the resulting screen, you will see a roster list on the left and a list of members on the right. To move members to the roster, click on their name.

4. Once you have your roster set, click Submit to save the roster.


You can also assign people manually by going to Admin > Members > Lookup.

1. Search for someone by name and click on their name to edit their profile.

2. Click on the Team tab within their record to edit their team assignments.

3. From here you can select the team and their position and click Submit to save.


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