Payment Schedules


Within a registration program you can setup a Payment Schedule to allow members to pay their balance over time. The payment schedule will be setup in defined amounts, with defined due dates. When these due dates are near, members will receive an emailed reminder 7 days prior to the due date with a link to login and make payment.

Keep in mind that does not store financial information and therefore members will need to enter their payment information each time they pay toward one of these schedules.

To add a payment schedule...

1. Add a registration program by going to Admin > Members > Registration System > Add.

2. On the Payments tab, choose the 'Schedule' option.


3. Click the green button to add new scheduled payments. You'll need to do this for each installment that you want to add.

Tip! To require the initial deposit at the time of registration, leave the first payment's due date blank when added. The last scheduled payment amount should be left blank so that the system can automatically calculate the final balance for a user.

4. Once you are done adding payment schedules, click Submit at the bottom of the page to save your registration system settings.


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