Which League Athletics email plan is best for me?


NOTE: If your domain is registered with GoDaddy, we do NOT recommend using our email services.  You can call 480-505-8877 to get details on a similar Business class email from GoDaddy directly.

Your organizational needs will determine which plan to use.  Below are some details for each plan.


1 email address

1 Gigabyte of Storage

Web interface for checking and sending mail on Desktop or Mobile device

Who this is for: 

  • An organization that has need of a single email address and isn’t concerned with storage.
  • An organization that primarily utilizes email aliasing, or forwarding to personal addresses.

o   Note:  Please see this document on Forwarding and Aliasing for more information


5 email addresses

2 Gigabytes of storage

Web interface for checking and sending mail on Desktop or Mobile device

Basic desktop and mobile access using POP

Who this is for:

  • An organization that needs between one and five email addresses
  • An organization that would need access to email using POP

Unlimited Business:

10 email addresses* (More available to purchase)

Unlimited storage

Full feature Web interface for desktop and mobile

Fully synchronized email with IMAP

Who this is for: 

  • A large organization that needs 10 or more email addresses
  • An organization that requires large amounts of email storage
  • An organization that would like to utilize IMAP

Click here for pricing.  For help with setup, or other email specific questions please contact our 24/7 support line at 480-624-2500


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