Add a Miscellaneous charge to a Member


Add a charge to a Member

On occasion, you may find that you need to enter a miscellaneous charge for a member. There are two paths to take that will access the Charge Member functionality.

To create a charge for multiple members, go to Admin > Members > Charge Members

To create or remove a charge from an individual, edit the member record and go to the Charges tab.

Charge Members Screen

Enter in your criteria to search for a given member or group of members.  Click the Find Members button on the bottom.  This will bring you to the Add Charge screen.


The Members button shows the number of members that will be charged.  You can click on the button and remove members if necessary.


A short description of the charge details.  Be specific, this description will be visible to members that are being charged.

Amount to Charge

The amount that the member will be charged.  (NOTE – Entering in a negative amount will create a credit for the member)

Payments Via

The payment will be processed using the merchant account you select.  If you choose to accept check payments you can add a Payable to name and mailing address in the box below.  You can opt to have more than one payment type, such as Dwolla and a check payment.

Send Notices to Selected Players

Checking this box will cause the system to generate an email for the member recipient.  The email will contain the description of the charge and, if applicable, a link that will allow the user to pay the charge.

Viewing and Removing Charges

In order to view and/ or remove an existing charge, go to Admin > Members > Lookup Member.  Search for the member, edit the record and go to the Charges tab.


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