Switching email services? Common questions answered


How do I change my email service?

  1. Select a new email service. While we do offer email services here, you’re free to choose any service that you’d like.  We’ll gladly work with you to get any email service up and running.
  2. Create your email addresses, forwards, aliases and distribution lists in the new system. You’ll want to recreate everything that you have in your existing service before actually transitioning.
  3. Go to Admin > Support > Contact Support. Open a new ticket letting us know that you’ve switched services.  We’ll need some basic information, like the name of the new service, and possibly MX or CNAME record information if using services other than LeagueAthletics.com, GoDaddy, Google Apps or Microsoft Lync (we already have these).  Your new service can provide you with these things.

And that’s it!  We’ll handle the configuration on our end.  Within an hour or so email will be flowing through your new system, with no down time.

Do I need to make any changes to SmarterMail when I switch to a new service? 

The simple answer is no.  Once we make the configuration changes, email will simply start flowing through your new service.

Will I lose email during my transition?

You will not lose email.  Messages will start flowing through your new service, nothing will be lost.

Will I still be able to access my SmarterMail account during and after the transition?

Yes.  You will still be able to log in to mail.LeagueAthletics.com.  You'll have access to information there, including past email, accounts, passwords, etc., but you won't be able to receive emails any longer here.

What are some of my choices for a new Email service?

There are many different options.  Here are some of the more popular choices

I have large discussion/ distribution lists.  Is there a good service to manage that?

For large discussion/ distribution lists, Google Groups is a good choice.

I utilize POP to receive email into a third party application, like Microsoft Outlook.  Are there any additional steps I need to take when I switch mail service?

You will need to change your settings in the third party application to reflect your new mail service.  Please refer to help documentation in the application for details.  SmarterMail users will need to refer to their SmarterMail website to get POP account information and passwords.

How am I billed for my email service?

Billing for your email services is independent of your League Athletics site.  You'll pay your servicing provider directly.  This also holds true if you purchase the new email offering from League Athletics.  The cost of email service will not be added to your annual hosting bill, as we will no longer be directly charging for email service

I'm purchasing League Athletics email.  When I attempt to purchase it, I'm asked to enter a User name.  What is this?

Our new Services site will require you to set up a Shopper user name.  This is independent of your League Athletics site, so you'll need to enter in your contact and billing information.  Make sure to keep track of your user name and password!  You'll need these to set your email up.



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