How to Add a Video to a Page


To insert videos, you will first need to host the video on a video hosting service such as YouTube or Vimeo. 

From there, you will be able to use their embed code to post the video to your site.

To get the embed code from your video:

  1. Navigate to your video in either Vimeo or Youtube.
  2. Click Share.
  3. Navigate to Embed, and change your video preferences as desired by editing the video options.
    • In YouTube, click Show More to view more video options.
    • In Vimeo, click Show Options to view more video options.
  4. Copy the code snippet.

To add the video to your web page:

  1. Log into your website as an administrator.
  2. Navigate to the page you would like to insert your video.
  3. On the top right corner of the page, click the Edit icon.
  4. Click the Source option.
  5. Paste the embed code where you would like it to appear on the page.
  6. When finished, scroll down to the bottom of the page, and click Submit


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