How can I add video to a page?


To insert video onto pages, you'll need to be sure the video is accessible on a video hosting service such as YouTube or Vimeo. Once your video has been uploaded there, you will be able to use their embed code to post this video to your site.

1. Navigate to your video location. For this article, I will use YouTube. I am navigating to

2. Once on your video page, click the "Share" button below your video.

3. This will present you with a direct link to your video. However, you'll want to select the Embed button to the right. Once selected, this will present you with some code that you can copy and paste into your page that you are editing.

4. Log into your website as an Admin and navigate to the page where you want to insert your video.

5. Click on the Edit icon in the top right corner of the page to edit this page.

6. Once in the editor, click the Source button in the top left corner of the editor's tool bar. You'll now be able to add HTML to this page.



7. Now paste this code in the page on your website and click submit at the bottom of the page to save. This will present a YouTube video within the page on your website.




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