How to Bulk Delete Members from the Database/Website


NOTE: Once members have been deleted from your site, they cannot be restored. Please proceed with caution when deleting members.

You may occasionally import a large number of members for testing purposes, or perhaps you imported them incorrectly and need to start over. You can delete members en masse with a simple export/import.

  1. Go to Admin > Members.
  2. Click Export Members.
  3. Enter search criteria for the members you'd like to export/delete from your site.
  4. When finished, click Find Members.
  5. On the next page, make no changes, and click Save & Download.
  6. A .CSV file with your members will download to your computer. 
  7. Open the file, and navigate to the very last column in the spreadsheet. 
  8. Add a new column titled Delete.
  9. Add the word "Delete" on each member you want to remove.                                                            
  10. When finished, Save the file to your desktop, keeping the .CSV format.
  11. Navigate back to your website.
  12. Go to Admin > Members.
  13. Click Import Members.
  14. Click Choose File.
  15. Find/Open the file you just saved to your desktop.
  16. When finished, click Import.
  17. Once the import has completed, the system will let you know how many records were successfully deleted. 


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