How to Add a Coupon Code to Registration

  1. Go to Admin > Members > Registration System.
  2. Choose the Registration Program you would like to add the Coupon Code to.
  3. To the right, click the Form button.
  4. To the right, click the +Add button.
  5. Choose the Text Entry option.
  6. Scroll down, and click Continue.
  7. Name your Question "Coupon Code" or something similar to define it.
  8. For the Prompt, type "Enter Coupon Code:" or something similar.
  9. Scroll down to the Response is: section, and select Discount Code.
  10. Enter what you would like the code to be, and the amount of the discount, in the appropriate boxes.
  11. When finished, click the Submit button.
  12. Click Save.













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