Merge Duplicate Records


Over the course of many years, you may end up with a few duplicate records in your database. This can occur for many reasons such as members registering with different email addresses, parents adding multiple children to their account with the same name, etc. Whatever the case, the help information below will show you how to merge these together into a single record.

1. Login to the site as an admin (Note: In order to merge records, you must have rights to Edit and Delete Members)

2. Go to Admin > Members > Lookup, and search for the duplicate member by name, then click Find Members at the bottom of the page.

3. When you find duplicate records, hover over each name for 1 second to determine which record was updated last. You'll be able to see this in a tool tip when hovering.

4. Drag the most recently edited record over top of the oldest record, and this will merge all data into a single record, leaving you with one record for that member.


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