US Lacrosse Member Report


The US Lacrosse Member Report, will allow you to select a large group of users in your database, based on their team or registration program and verify their USL Membership in real-time.

This is important and should be done prior to the start of your season to verify that your organization has full participation with US Lacrosse and is covered by their Accident and Liability Insurance. For more information about insurance coverage through US Lacrosse, click here.

1. Login to the site as an admin and go to Admin > Reports > US Lacrosse Report.

Note: only US Lacrosse affiliated organizations will have this option.

2. On the report page, select a query type: Season or Registrations. Select a season from the resulting list or registration programs.

3. Enter the expiration date that you want to validate against. This should be the last day the players will be on the field in that season.

This will confirm that your organization is fully covered by US Lacrosse's insurance coverage if everyone is a member in good standing.

4. Enter an email address where you would like a report to be sent once the verification process has been completed.

5. Press submit to send the data. This will verify the members in the group selected against the US Lacrosse database to confirm they are active members.


Reasons why members might return as not current:

  • No valid membership for the user
  • Name does not match US Lacrosse's data
  • DOB entered incorrectly in the user's profile


For a step-by-step walk through of this process, watch the video below:



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