US Lacrosse Group Submission Process


This is used when the organization will be making one payment for all US Lacrosse Memberships for their players and/or coaches.


1. Log in and go to Admin > Members > Registration System.


2. Create a Coach Registration by entering the following information in the orange circled fields:

After completing the setup, click “Submit” to save. We recommend setting up in "test mode" initially so that you can go through the registration and experience what your coaches will experience prior to going live.

3. Test the registration. If all looks good open it to the public.

4. When the registration period is over, close registration program and go back to Members > Registration System. Highlight the registration you wish to submit and select “Export US Lacrosse Data.”

5. Send the newly downloaded file to:

Be sure to enter your Group ID in the subject line when emailing your group registration.

To make payment call 410-235-6882 #102 with credit card information or mail a check to:

US Lacrosse, Group Memberships

113 W University Parkway

Baltimore, MD  21210


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