US Lacrosse Validation Report


1. Log into your Administrative view on your League Athletics site, and select “US Lacrosse Report” from the drop down menu under the “Reports” tab.

2. From the drop down under “Query Members by”

  • Select the Season or Registration program to be verified
  • Under “US Lacrosse Expiration Date” enter the date memberships must be valid through.
  • Enter your email address or the address of the person who will be reviewing the report.

Click “Submit” to send the request to League Athletics

3. The report could be returned within ten minutes or longer depending on the size of the registration.

The report will list any participant who is not found in the USL database or has an expired membership based on the validation date you entered.  Participant not found could potentially have entered a different birthdate or nickname when registering on your League Athletics site. This report provides an opportunity to sync the two databases.

  • Log back onto your site (as in step 1) and choose the US Lacrosse Report button again
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page to find the “Completed Reports” section
  • Click on the number under “Problems” to export a spreadsheet of the participants with membership issues
  • Click “Send email” to utilize the group email function.
    • You may choose to customize your message or select participants to receive the standardized email
  • Re-run report to insure that participants have responded to your emails by joining or renewing memberships


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